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Re: Epidural complications - anyone have this happen?

Thanks for the response. I guess judging by the lack of responses, people generally do not experience high pain levels during an epidural steroid injection? So what happened to me was abnormal? I hope so, because I would hope that people go to a pain clinic to get less pain, not more, as I have.

Yes, x-ray was used to guide the needle. He also used dye to see where the stuff was going via x-ray.

I had it done in the morning, and the headaches started in the afternoon. I think they get better if I lie down for a while.

It amazes me to hear people who have had these epidural steroid injections without pain. A friend had it done at the same pain center but from a different doctor. He says he had no pain, he barely remembers the procedure due to the sedation. I said WOW, he barely used any sedation on me, I remember everything. In fact I wish I didn't remember that pain, it was traumatic.

Thanks for the help.