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Re: Epidural complications - anyone have this happen?

I have also had the caudal epidural and it hurt like hell. I felt electricity going down my leg and told Doctor and she said its ok. I hurt pretty bad from the injection for a few days afterward too. But it worked I had this injection in May 2007 and have not had to have another in that area since. (yeah) As for the headache, the very first time I had an epidural I had a terrible headache and called the doctors office and they told me that the injection was "clean" meaning the doctor didn't puncture the cord so I chalked it up to another migraine. I am a migraine sufferer so..I really don't or can't say if the shot caused it. I also thought I would tell you that I had the procedure after my november spinal fusion ( 2006) I was in so much pain that my surgeon thought I was having a reaction to my hardware and they thought about taking it out. Thank God I did this procedure and it took care of the problem. I have great PM and I thank god for her and saving me from yet another surgery. Take it easy this weekend and see what happens. Hopefully you will feel much better soon.
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