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Unhappy Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)

I realise no one likes sick, but I hate it - I cant be near drunk people, have trouble going to the fair ground, I get aggressive (And as far away as possible) when someone says they feel ill. When I see sick on the ground, or people being sick or hear it, I start to cry, shake, I cant breathe and I out and I dont feel like myself.

The thing is, I dont REALLY worry about being sick myself and I know its odd, but I dont have a problem with Animal sick or sick on the TV.

I'm not a hypercondriac, and I know theres not something right. I know its a phobia but because I dont feel sick all the time or have a fear of myself being sick.. I dont think its emetophobia..please help someone? I'd really appriciate it

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