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Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)

hey is emetophobia i am sure of it it sucks but i mean when someone has something "wrong" with them and their symptoms arent quite like what it says it should be like doesnt mean <YOU> dont have it it is just not in the entire form they say <YOU>should have it in....hope that makes sense.i am exactly like <YOU>but i do fear throwing up myself but i bet if <YOU> were too feel like <YOU> were going to for sure throw up <YOU> would feel a bit more panicky than <YOU> did in the past now knowing <YOU'RE>condition has a name and such for it. i hate vomit i mean no one loves it but i would rather, in my mind, be ran over than vomit! <YOU> can chose to do a few things about it but for the most part <YOU> are stuck with it. everyone has fears whether it be heights or water <YOURS> just happens to be vomit so i would just accept what <YOUR> fear is unless it doesnt let <YOU> do things in <YOUR> life.

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