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Wink hirsutism. definitely a 'hair problem'

okaaay so! I'm new here.

My whole life I have always had excessive body/facial hair. But now, as a 22 year old female, it has started to get a lot worse.. and a lot more obvious. Not to mention, I'm getting a lot more self conscious of it. I have fair skin and DARK hair (on my head, as well as face/body/etc.) so you could imagine, its pretty noticeable.

Before I could deal with it, but lately my confidence and self esteem has crippled. I don't like to talk closely to people, I am reluctant to getting intimate with my boyfriend, and I spend a few hours a week just removing hair from my face and body. I'm a cute girl, cute body/face, but I feel sooo ugly because of my "hairy" situation. It distracts me from school/work/social events. UGH! its just miserable.

Is there anyone out there who can relate/feels similar? Has any stories they want to share (the good bad and the ugly?) Advice? I've been reading a lot about Spironolactone and have gotten a lot of mixed reviews about it, so I'd love to hear what others have experienced with this drug. It is possibly my next step to attacking my fuzziness!!

Although I wouldn't wish this condition upon my worse enemy, I hope I'm not the only one out there who is constantly making sure my shirt isn't riding up my back (and not because I don't want people to see what color my underwear is!!!)

thanks for the support :]

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