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Reflux & Hiatus Hernia

Hi all,

Is Reflux & Hiatus Hernia the same thing?
I also have Asthma

As this morning I had this excrutiating pain in my chest then stomach cramps could not have breakfast due to pain put heat pack on which eased the pain hubby called dr's I went straight away they did an ECG heart was very good oxygen levels good then saw the doctor which he examined me & said about a hiatus hernia I have which I thought was the same as reflux hes put me on some tablets Somac 40mg I'm also on Nexium.

I have to go back this day next week to see how I;'m feeling rang my mum apparently my uncle has it she said & hes had a couple of operations.

I know I have to watch what I eat & cannot afford to put on any weght as the dr asked if I've put on weight I haven't been game to weigh myself I said but I may have put on a little out go the chips for me now & no stress or fatty fried foods which I dont really eat. I dont eat 2-3 hours before i go to bed as thats not good bed head is raised too.

I'm glad my chest has eased now just the stomach cramps that come & go.
I looked on the net about reflux & Hiatus Hernia they same both are same this (reflux)

Every year I seem to be getting a new health problem & I'm only still relatively young.

I played tennis last night had an attack had to use puffer I'm glad I had a nurse which was playing on my team she noticed I had asthma & told me take my puffer she looked a little worried. But I was fine. Sad thing is we lost our ladies match & overall too. Hopefully next week we will win & ace the opponents off the court LOL.
Has anyone else had Hiatus Hernia bad?

I look on the positive side as there are worse people out there in the world than me I've been making jokes about my stomach this morning thinking geeze I wonder if this is what child brith is like or gall stones. I'm typing now as I feel OK at this stage if you would've only seen me early when I came home from doctor when it flared up again I was walking stooped over.


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