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Re: 16 year old high functioning downs with self-esteem problems

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I have a down syndrome son who is 22 years old The problem is -They trust everyone, to bad the world we live in is not a trusting place. You need to explain to him that there are allot of nice students at the school but there are also some we cannot trust, explain to him that if some of these students see your money, they might take it and not ever get it back. Have a talk about what drugs and drinking can do, why he should not do them at all. Some times you just have to lay the cards out on the table, we live in a rough world, telling him the truth will only help him.
Karen W.
One more thing I'd lke to add, my son liked girls and he got himself in a little trouble, they had co-ed gym, he would slap the girls on there butts.