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Re: Reflux & Hiatus Hernia

About ten years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus (or hiatal) hernia when I had an endoscopy done because of severe gastric reflux. The reflux (or GERD) is a possible symptom of the hiatus hernia, so the hernia may cause the reflux but they aren't the same thing. My hernia was described as "mild" but my reflux is definitely severe. I take 40 mg Nexium and if I miss or am late with a dose, I experience extreme discomfort and burning, even while standing up. When I was diagnosed, I think the hernia repair (Nissen fundiplication) was a major surgery but now it can be done laproscopically. I would like to go back to my doc and see if the surgery is an option for me. I am concerned about how long I have been on Nexium.