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Re: Candida

Could this be a sign of candida?

Bad breath (Dentist said everything was fine and have good oral hygene)
Furry, white tongue
Random rashes apearing, warm to touch compared to normal skin with no rash ( they only last a couple of minutes... and alsoo seem to appear when nervous, as well as papetations)
Noisy gut (little rummberling noises coming from my gut)
Odd Odor(not nice to here i no )
Soft stolls
Other things:-
I have symptoms of BV
Increased sweating
Post nasel drip

I also have good hygene

But i think all of this is down to candida or yeast which has spread through out my body? do you think it could be this? I'm quite positive that it is... iv also done alot or research on the topic and am pretty sure that it is... all the problems are making me really self concious and as a 16 year old i'v avoided social events because of it.. any help would be appreciated =)