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Re: Enlarged Heart

Thanks for the response Beerzoids! Here's my whole story - don't remember the details, but at 17 (I'm now 42) had episode of rapid, irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath (with resulting panic which caused hyperventilation - vicious cycle)...was hospitalized and had continuous EKG monitoring for 2 or 3 days, an echo and blood tests. The results were PVS's. No treatment necesary. Once or twice since then, I had a 24 hour holter monitor. The second holter showed PVC's occuring bigeminally - I didn't actually see the report - that's what my GP told me. Once need to worry or treat. That was 15+ years ago. I've just learned to "ignore" as best I can the funky beats and flip flops. 7 weeks ago had another 24 hour holter done - this time I actually read the report - which has scared the pants off of me!!! It showed 4 Ventricular Ectopy (I think these are PVC's?) and 2,436 Supraventricular Ectopy (I think these are PAC's?) with 44 sudden rate increases (from 61 to 101 as the fastest at 4:48 pm.) and 14 sudden rate decreases (from 68 to 43 at (9:40 p.m. - falling asleep). The Interpretation says: 1. Rhythm is Sinus (which is good?) with 1,206 pauses of less than 2.5 seconds and Sustained Sinus Tackycardia with a Max HR of 164 BPM. 2. Rare VPB's were observed. (the 4?) 3. Frequent SVPB's were noted. (the 2,436?) This freaked me out!!! That seems like ALOT of SVPB's and Pauses. I don't even know what to think about the pauses!!! GP sent me for a cardiology consult and the cardiologist examined me - listened to my heart, checked my neck, my hands and feet (I don't think I have any swelling) and said "based on my physical exam things look normal" HOWEVER, because I just found out (unexpectedly) that I am newly pregnant (I have 4 children - 24, 19, 16 and 10 and was shocked at this new pregnancy- particulary at my age! And now worry that this strain on my body could be bad for my heart!) - they couldn't do a chest x-ray and he wanted to see the size and position of my heart - he is doing an Echo this Wednesday to see exactly how my heart is functioning and size, etc. In conversations with a nurse friend, she had mentioned enlarged heart, etc and it just kind of freaked me out. I am out of shape - don't exercise (have really avoided it because the irregular beats scare me) and I get a sense of breathlessness once in awhile which resolves within a minute or two. Not sure if it is true or just because I'm "watching" for it? Anyway, I know my stress level is off the charts right now - which doesn't help....but I really am scared!