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Re: End stage liver cancer

Hi,my prayers go out to you and your family.I just lost my dad yesterday at 7:40 am to liver cancer.We found out that he was terminal 6 weeks ago.the dr. gave him 6 months.The family didn't see six months from the way he looked.What we did was the Hospice thing.They gave him a bed so that he didn't have to go upstairs because we were afraid that he would fall down or something.The hospice nurses are very good and caring so don't be afraid to use them.They are a very big help for your mother and the family.They helped make the transition much much more easier to cope with.My dad came from the hospital to saturdays ago and he had so much fanfare from the family.He was still mobile and getting around slowly until last sunday.His last week was spent in the bed.His urine looked like pepsi,eyes were jaundice,fluid had built up in his legs and stomach.This is very hard.He was eating a tiny bit of apple sauce and jello because he had stopped eating food because of the cancer and also small amounts of water.Sometimes he would be agitated because we tried to feed him and give him water but he didn't want it.Then he started rambling his words and we could not understand what he was saying.But when we would say pop,he would come out of it and know who his family was.Then from Tuesday to Friday he fell into sleep that somtimes we could not wake him out of.Friday morning my mother woke him up and I asked him who was I and and he said,my son and then went back to sleep.He was weak and tired from the liver cancer and not eating or drinking.Friday night I woke him up and told him that I loved him and he winked his eye and went back to sleep.Then his breathing starter laboring and I knew then he would not be here another day.Saturday morning my sister called and said, come home he is ready to leave us.The breathing sound I will never forget because he was fighting to breath.Ten minutes later after me and to sisters were by his bed side,he took his last breath.He went peacefuly in his sleep.He also was taking medicine to stop him from throwing up,stuff for the fluid build up some other stuff and oral morphine drops for the pain.It is hard to see a loved one suffer but,hospice helped out a whole lot.He had lost like 40 pounds.Make her as comfortable as possible.MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.