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Dont let that last holter report scare you , I am sure 75 percent of the country would have similar extra beats and racing and slowing down periods much like you did. Some people don't feel them as much as others. I feel every damn beat. If you start jogging or walking real fast every day , even for 30 minutes your heart will get stronger and those damn extra beats can't do a thing to stop you. I wouldn't worry so much about those numbers. I too worry like crazy about my heart , so much so that i have gone through bouts of depression and drinking and drugging because of it. In the end I only made myself feel worse , its when I exercise and eat right and remember that heart doctors have already told me these extra beats are common in a lot of people that I feel better and am able to live my life without worrying about my heart all day long. Try it , you will see. Start exercising slowly and soon you will feel different.