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Re: Enlarged Heart

Originally Posted by hrschk View Post
... 7 weeks ago had another 24 hour holter done - this time I actually read the report - which has scared the pants off of me!!! It showed 4 Ventricular Ectopy ... 2,436 Supraventricular Ectopy ... 44 sudden rate increases ... 14 sudden rate decreases ... 1,206 pauses ... Sustained Sinus Tackycardia with a Max HR of 164 BPM. ... Rare VPB's were observed. ... That seems like ALOT of SVPB's and Pauses. I don't even know what to think about the pauses!!!
Most of your life, you've had problems with irregular heart beats. As you've gotten older, and birthed children, your problems have increased. Childbirth, for some women, seems to cause long-lasting hormonal imbalances, which can cause the heart to beat more erratically, cause higher blood pressure, and can result in other health problems.

You should ask yourself, and your doctors: "What can be done to improve your heart function, and insure that your heart problems don't continue to get worse as you get older?"

What medications do you take now? If you aren't on medications to calm down the beating of your heart, you should be. If it were me, I would opt for a low dose of a generic medication for which you can get 30, to 60, pills a month for $4. I would try something like *CARVEDILOL (Coreg) 3.125mg, (not a good choice if pregnant) ONLY once a day, to see how well it helps at that low a dosage, and would not let the doctor increase the dosage, if it seemed to help at the lower dose. At $4 a month, it is both cheap and effective!

I am out of shape - don't exercise (have really avoided it because the irregular beats scare me) and I get a sense of breathlessness once in awhile which resolves within a minute or two.
Two things that you can do that are very, VERY healthy for both you and your heart, are eating a balanced, low calorie diet; and physical exercise.

I've had heart failure for over twenty years. I have learned NOT to exercise if my heartbeat is unstable. If my heart is beating fairly good, I lift weights and exercise using the stepper. I also walk, to music, 30 minutes, twice a day, up and down my hallway. If you feel dizzy, or if your heartbeat seems too erratic, that is not a good time to exercise, or do anything physically demanding. When my heart is beating too weakly, or I am fatigued, I sit down, relax and do deep slow breathing, which really helps.

If you feel weak, or that your heart is too erratic, you are certainly wise to avoid exercise or anything too demanding. The more erratic the heartbeat, the more risky it is to push it.
⇒ Avoid unhealthy chemicals,odors,irritants
⇒ 7 low cal meals 1500 cals; weights
⇒ 12.5 coreg;.125 digoxin
⇒ 2002 BP was 151/96; readings:1,423
⇒ From 2008-2017 BP was 119/69; readings:7,514

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