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Re: Incontinence Setback

Originally Posted by able5 View Post
Don't get discouraged. Your story sounds normal for your post-op time frame. General fatigue has a whole lot to do with incontinence within the first 12 months. Too much of any activity, walking, running, yardwork, touring Disney World, swimming, etc., causes the whole body to want to relax. That also includes your lower abdominal floor muscles. I experienced the same thing in my first 12 months. Today, I still have some moments where I squirt a little but I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I was 12 months ago. My experience has been slow and gradual, leveling off for short periods, then slow and gradual again. The good part for me is that it's always been a positive experience. Sounds to me like you hit a "leveling off" period as your body takes a breath and gets ready for the next growth period. Keep the faith, it does get better!
Thanks fellas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it improves.