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Mom is very near the end - what to expect

Hi all,
I posted here over a year ago when my mom was first diagnosed with stage 4 nsc. She did the chemo thing for awhile, but then became too weak. She started having breathing difficulties a couple of months ago, so they suggested radiation to shrink the tumor that was causing the obstruction. The very first radiation treatment, she suffered a heart attack that night, and has gone downhill very rapidly. She is now home on hospice care. Hospice has been wonderful, but I wanted to hear from folks who have watched their loved ones die of lung cancer. I want to know exactly what to expect. Will she be gasping for breath until her last moment? How ugly does it get? I need to prepare myself to be strong for this. Just now, we had a scare. She started vomiting profusely, and seemed to be in agony, and now she is trying to have a bowel movement and says it's very painful. She also has been coughing more the last few days, not bringing up anything, it's more like a choking type of cough. I want her to die peacefully, of course, but if it's going to be ugly, I need to know so that I can summon the strength to be by her side until the end.


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