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Re: Mom is very near the end - what to expect

every case is different - I cant really say there is ONE way they pass.
I would say for the most part my husbands passing was somewhat peaceful...there were some problems the day before, but the day of not so bad..

I dont know if hopsice has given you the booklet "Gone From My Sight" -
This is extremely helpful in describing the process the body goes through when shutting down. I will have to say it was pretty accurate.

I cant say on the breathing issue - only to let you know that if it looks like she is struggling - they can give her increased meds to make sure that she is comfortable and not aware of what is happening. If that makes sense. They will do everything they can to see that she doesnt suffer and has a peaceful transition.

Is your mom on some kind of laxative like senekot or Miralax? they should have reccommended it esp if she is on pain meds.

Hospice should be able to help you with many of your questions.

I am sorry for what you and your mother are going through. This is very tough.

My thoughts and prayers are with you