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Re: Enlarged Heart

Most of my adult life I have had some form of irregularity - mostly I have dealt with it with the mantra that "it is not dangerous" and have attempted to ignore it for the most part. The new holter showed different things than the last one did. I'm feeling the irregularities much of the time - granted, my stress level is off the charts with my personal relationship, my newly discovered pregnancy and my job! My cardio office just called to confirm my echocardiogram for tomorrow - which, of course, made my heart speed up and jump all over! Beerzoids, do you also practice any type of relaxation techniques? You mentioned you do deep breathing and relax. I think that might help my anxiety level over these symptoms? The exercise advice is great, also! I plan on asking my cardio about a reasonable exercise regimen to begin - I think doing something he reccomends will alleviate the stress I feel when my heart rate starts to increase while working out - my first inclination is to stop before my heart rate gets too high because I'm afraid of a fast rate AND irregular beats occuring together. Do you do any low impact stuff? I'm hoping for some breaks in the weather so I can do some walking soon! I don't take any meds. Prior to this, the results were always the same - you have some irregular beats - totally normal - nothing to worry - not needs to be done., he sends me to the cardio and I've spent the last 2 months stressing over whether there is something wrong and/or something to worry about. In addition, I don't want this new pregnancy to strain my body if there is something going on to be concerned about! In any event - thanks for your input! It is truly appreciated! God bless!