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Re: Enlarged Heart

Originally Posted by hrschk View Post
Most of my adult life I have had some form of irregularity - mostly I have dealt with it with the mantra that "it is not dangerous" and have attempted to ignore it for the most part.
I am a heart patient just like you, and I wonder, when the doctors say that a constantly mis-beating heart is benign, or not dangerous, do they really know what they are talking about? If they are wrong, then you are stuck years later, like I was, with a heart condition a lot more serious, and more difficult to treat.

What is your opinion? Is the constant mis-firing of your heart good for your heart, bad for your heart, or is it normal for your heart to constantly beat incorrectly?

The new holter showed different things than the last one did. I'm feeling the irregularities much of the time - granted, my stress level is off the charts with my personal relationship, my newly discovered pregnancy and my job!
There are many things, foods, drinks, calories, allergens, medications, vitamins, minerals, hormonal changes, AND stress and anxiety that can effect heart rhythm, blood pressure and other health problems. You are always going to face stress. To me, the safest paths for you to travel, would be one of good, low calorie diet, exercise ...

... and finding heart medication(s) that will lessen the misfiring of your heart, WITHOUT bringing you miserable side effects. That's not easy to do.

My cardio office just called to confirm my echocardiogram for tomorrow - which, of course, made my heart speed up and jump all over!
Suggestion. Ask for a hard copy of the output results of the echo, including the doctors notes. That way you can research the results, or post the results here, so some of HealthBoard's knowledgeable patients can give their two cents worth.

Beerzoids, do you also practice any type of relaxation techniques? You mentioned you do deep breathing and relax. I think that might help my anxiety level over these symptoms?
50 mgs of B-Complex and 500 mgs of Vitamin C acts as a natural relaxer for me.

Also..... To relax at any time (but not while driving ), I close my eyes, and then mentally start with my legs. I make sure that my legs are as loose as possible without any tension. After I feel that I have relaxed my legs as much as possible, I then target my stomach. If I am stressfully holding in my stomach, I let my stomach out and concentrate on relaxing my stomach area. Then I concentrate on my hands and arms, making sure that my hands are not clenched, and letting my arms hang down on my lap, without any muscle tension. Then I make sure that my teeth are not clenched, and I relax my jaw. Finally, I target the most challenging area, my brain. I try to sit there with my totally limp body, and I try to blank my mind and not think about anything, while keeping the rest of my body as limp and relaxed as possible. Blanking one's mind is not easy, because the first thing that will enter your mind is that you are trying not to think about anything. But, you find yourself thinking about not thinking. Once you successful blank your mind and can keep it that way for a few minutes, you should feel totally relaxed, and feel a wave of relaxation flowing down your body (at least until one of your children comes busting into the room!).

At night, I am usually asleep within five minutes. I close my eyes and start thinking about a fun, non-stressful project, and within five minutes, I'm asleep.

The exercise advice is great, also! I plan on asking my cardio about a reasonable exercise regimen to begin - I think doing something he reccomends will alleviate the stress I feel when my heart rate starts to increase while working out - my first inclination is to stop before my heart rate gets too high because I'm afraid of a fast rate AND irregular beats occuring together.
I can only comment on what I do. If I am lifting weights, or doing the stepper, if I get short of breath, or if my heart starts jumping around, depending upon the severity, I stop, sit down, relax and do slow deep breathing until my heart settles down and my breathing gets better.

Do you do any low impact stuff? I'm hoping for some breaks in the weather so I can do some walking soon!
Just the 30 minute walks, twice a day, with music, up and back my hallway.

I don't take any meds.
What do you think about the need for medications?

In my opinion, once the heart becomes overly sensitive, even the best lifestyle, diet and exercise won't be enough to calm the heart without some medication. But...... I have no medical training or background, and am only talking through experience as a patient.

If it were me, I would want a minimum dose of a cheap, generic drug, only once a day, that both lowers blood pressure and calms the heart, and I would take it at least two hours away from any other medications, pills, vitamins or minerals, to limit side effects. I would try the low dosage for around three weeks, and if it didn't help at all, I would want to try another medication. Earlier I had suggested something like the beta blocker, Carvedilol (Coreg), which I consider a wonder drug, but it is not recommended if pregnant.

I wouldn't want to try an expensive, new drug, at above the minimum strength. Reason? You've gone without heart medication your entire life, so, if you are going to take a medication, why try a new, expensive, relatively unproven new drug. Why not start at a low dose, well known and widely used, inexpensive generic medication, and then increase it to either a higher dose, or to twice a day, if you find that the medication not only works, but doesn't give you too many nasty side effects.

This post is a lot longer than I intended. Sorry about that!

Good luck tomorrow!

ps: Get copies of the Echo test results.
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