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Re: Parathyroid /High Calcium levels- anyone suffering with this

Originally Posted by birdleggs15 View Post
I was diagnosed 4 years ago with high calcium and ostepenia due to the above. Every bone in my body ached, I was extremely lethargic, depressed, developed kidney problems ( the calcium was being drawn from my bones and being put into my kidneys), severe constipation, constant UTI's etc. I was not permitted to use calcium. My area docs would not perform surgery as they said it was not the required protical. I researched and took matters into my own hands, as I could no longer function properly and did not want to develope severe osteoporosis or kidney failure. I went to Jefferson University, a teaching hospital which is know for it's endocrine surgery. I met with my new Endo and Endo Surgeon. I had surgery performed, 1 yr. ago, within a 1" incision, to remove a nodule the size of a walnut. I came home the same day. I was able to eat after surgery, had minimal soreness and within one week, I noticed the changes to my body. My calcium was back to normal. If anyone is fearing this surgery, or is experiencing these problems, please don't be afraid. It has saved my life, and all my physical problems are gone. I know take 2 calcium pills a day. I feel like my old self.
Is what you have hypoparathyroidism? I have been on forteo shots for 2 years and now am told that my parathyroid is not producing enough/not much at all of the hormone that I need. My Dr. is waiting on my bone density test to see what has happened with my bones this last year. The calcium in my blood? is higher than it should be.

Would appreciate your response.