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Re: Enlarged Heart

Beerzoids, I question as you do when they say it is "benign", "not dangerous", etc.....I have no medical background but what I DO know is I DO NOT like the way it feels. I don't like to feel like I've got to be so aware of what my heart is doing. It's a double edged sword - on one hand, I'm scared to death to find out if something is wrong - on the other hand, I'm scared to death to not know if there is something wrong and not be taking care of it! Does that make sense? The echocardiogram scheduled for 2 hours away has my heart just racing and my palms sweating! I'm gonig to go in there and try to relax and tell myself the test is necessary for the doctor to determine if there is a problem and how to address it. I'm going to ask for a report from the tech today.

I certainly would love to have some medication that would slow down the racing and jumping! I'm going to have to talk to the cardiologist about that. They did try me on some beta blocker back in my teens - but, I had more symptoms with the one they tried - so they had me discontinue it. Is the medicine you mentioned a beta blocker? I'm sure my current pregnancy is contributing somewhat to the increase in racing and jumping, too! You know, to date, I haven't even had the opportunity to really even grasp the whole pregnancy thing?

I do intend to find a good - low impact exercise program and stick to it. I used to ride horses quite a bit - that and cleaning the barn was good exercise and I really enjoyed it. They say, the outside of a horse is good for what ails the inside of a person.....and I think it's true. It relaxed me, made me happy and I actually felt more energetic. Shoveling pounds and pounds of horse manure is a little bit of a workout - so, I guess I had my own little workout regimen several times a week without even knowing it! :-) Do you use like free weights for your weight training? I have some low weights (1, 3, 5 and 10 lbs) at home and would prefer doing it here to the local gym. I'm thinking some low weight training - some walking - and I would love to do some Yoga or Pilates - they say that is great for strength and relaxation. I think teaching myself to relax is key, also!

Do you take vitamins? I've been taking just over the counter Centrum chewables. My blood work done 2 or 3 weeks ago all came back good - within normal ranges. My cholesterol was tiny bit high (207 when they want to see it under 200) with my "good" cholesterol being high - which I assume is good?

Well, off to get showered and ready for the drive to the cardiologist. Beerzoids, I really appreciate your input - it's comforting to just have a cyber-pal to talk to.....and to draw on their experiences.