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Re: Enlarged Heart

"I am a heart patient just like you, and I wonder, when the doctors say that a constantly mis-beating heart is benign, or not dangerous, do they really know what they are talking about? If they are wrong, then you are stuck years later, like I was, with a heart condition a lot more serious, and more difficult to treat.

What is your opinion? Is the constant mis-firing of your heart good for your heart, bad for your heart, or is it normal for your heart to constantly beat incorrectly?"

I have totally been in your shoes!! I lived my entire life with constant PVCs. They never scared me, or bothered me, because I'd always had them.. When doctors would hear them they'd tell me not to worry about them, they are benign. I believed them because like I said, they didn't bother me. It wasn't until we moved and I switched doctors that they started to take my PVCs more seriously. They had me do a 24 hour holter monitor and found that over 12% of my heartbeats were PVCs. They also did an echo and found that my right ventricle was enlarged. (Along with a slew of other things we had no idea were wrong!) They said that is largely due to the amount of PVCs I have. They did say that on it's own it really wasn't a huge deal, but since I have other heart issues as well they wanted to stop the PVCs. (They are trying to keep my heart as healthy as possible for as long as possible since I will be facing valve replacement hopefully in the far off future.) I can't help but wonder if one of the other doctors had taken it more seriously what the outcome would have been.. But on the other hand, it was caught before anything got too serious, so I can't complain too much. ;-)