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Post Tazzy and Momma how are y ou!!!!!

I miss ya here!!!!!!!!!!
Momma! I hope u are recuperating nicely after the belly button surgery! I can totally sympathize with you! I had mine in April and it hurt like a sn of a ******!It took me 2 weeks to fully recover!! I could barely walk the first week! Course I never had general anesthesia until then!! thankfully..and i too had trouble with the anesthesia (coming out of it! was scary!)I was gaspin for air!!!!!All i saw were brights lights (not those kind!LOL) and an oxygen mask over my face!!!!!!!! ugh I dont wish that procedure on anyone!!!!!!!!! I had 2 incisions..How many did they do on you????I am so glad they got all of the endo out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay for momma!
Roto-rooter at its finest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love ya momma! feel better soon!girlie!! Annie ester sez!

How are you !! I miss ya lots here!! I know u are keeping busy.. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day!!
My greyhound is whining liek crazy!! she is our weather radar dog!!!LOL>>>she hears the storms coming before us!!!!! witht their supersonic ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theyre like kids!!!!!our other dog looks like a pot bellied pig! the yellow lab!! omg..hes 3 x 3 feet!LMAO!!!!! have a wonderful weekend taz..Hang in there girlie..! I will be back on wed...from the caribbean trip! you wanna get packed in my suitcase!LOL........... annie ester grannie sez!

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