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Hi Honey Pot Ester Head! I'm doing better with walking around, but still very weak and naseous - probably because I haven't eaten true solid meals cuz I haven't shat yet! I freaked a little when they were waking me up cuz I had that oxygen thing over my face and I felt restricted. What a kha kha feeling. DH has been so incredible. I'm so lucky. I'm trying to suck up the pain because those pills kick my arse. I just can't sit for too long, but its getting better. My button looks good! And my other 2 incisions are near my bikini line so its not bad, I wouldn't care if it was - I'm sooooo relieved he got that crap out! I squeezed his hand when he was telling me all the stuff he did in there. LOVE him. I can't wait to meet with him on Thursday to go over everything, my DH said that he showed him some pics of the endo and stuff. He said he got lots and lots out!

I be so happy. How are you? I need to get caught up on this board and see wazzup. Love to you, thanks for thinking of me.

Tazzie - my goes out to you, I hope you and your family are hanging in there.