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momma - hope you are feeling better and up to par.

ams - hey twinny - sorry I haven't been on here - I had the week from hell - good parts and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows - you know how it is...when it rains it pours. For me it seems like an f'n storm and I am in the middle of it. I will fel a lot better after I get my lab results back - I am seriously thinking about getting the ol tubes tied if they can't figure out why I keep m/c'ing. My Dad said something to me this weekend that really made me thinkg - he siad "thank God for the one you have - she is your little miracle." That really hit me hard b/c that is what I need to do, be thankful that I have one - there are so many with fertility issues that never get to have that. I honestly am to the point now though where I would rather never get pg again than to lose another is so hard and no matter what anyone says - it IS losing a child.

How are you holding up in 2ww twinnie? When do you get to test? I am really root'n for you and sending you tons of baby dust.