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Re: Enlarged Heart

First of all, thank you for the thanks! I don't feel our family is "special" for being a military family, and honestly, I love the life and wouldn't have it any other way! So for people to thank me for living a life that I love is strange, but feels good none the less!

The other issues I have with my heart are bicuspid aortic valve, along with some stinting and an aortic aneurysm. I also have a PFO (hole) as well as the enlarging like I mentioned before. So those are (for the most part) all things I was born with and definitely not caused by the PVCs. Although like I said, they do feel the amount of PVCs I was having was making things worse, esp the aneurysm and obviously the enlarging. The enlarging is mild, that's why they say it's not a huge deal. They feel they've caught all these issue before any of them got to a bad point, which is great! Better to know about them now so I can do everything possible to prevent them from getting worse than to find out about them later when it's a life or death situation!

I am definitely doing everything I can to stay healthy. I'm not overweight, nor have I ever been. I eat pretty well (although I've definitely tried harder since being diagnosed) and stay pretty active. And I'm young, only 27 so I definitely have time on my side!

As for medication. I was on 25mg of Atenolol daily. My doctor told me since I'm no longer having the PVCs that I no longer need to take it, so I'm currently not on any medication. I am starting to have issues with SVT, which I had before starting the Atenolol. I'm also starting to get the daily headaches back, which is one of the reasons I was put on the Atenolol. So I definitely plan to ask my cardiologist about that when I see her next month.

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Amazing story and one that ANYONE, whose heart doesn't beat correctly, should heed!

I've read stories, over and over again, from other patients who have constant heart rhythm problems, and whose doctors tell them not to worry, the erratic heartbeats are benign.

In your case, over time, the "benign" misfiring of your heart probably lead to the enlargement to your heart. If I had to guess, your heart problems all started with a minor value defect, which in turn caused the erratic "benign" heartbeats, which resulted in the weakening and the enlargement of your right ventricle. The actual damage to one's heart doesn't come from just the stress on the heart from irregular heartbeats, it also comes from the damaging, excessive hormones that are over-produced by the body's Neurohormonal System, in it's attempt to compensate for a heart that is not pumping proficiently.

Your earlier doctors said that your heart problems were benign. Now that you have some measurable damage to your heart, your current doctors say that your right ventricle enlargement is not a big deal?

If I were you, I'd consider the enlargement of your right ventricle of utmost importance, and help your heart get better through diet, exercise and taking the most beneficial medications. Your efforts now will reward you later, as you get older, IMHO.

I've been battling heart failure (enlarged heart) for over twenty years, and I am doing very well by eating a healthy, low calorie diet; daily exercise; and taking effective heart medications, among other things.

I waited until in my 60's before I really decided to take my heart disease seriously, and I am now more restricted and limited than I would have been, if I had acted earlier. That said, I am overjoyed with my current progress and the improvement to my health and quality of life over the past few years. I really feel healthier and in better shape than many men in my age group, who don't have heart disease.

If you don't mind me asking, what prescriptions are you taking to deal with the PVCs and to treat you enlarged right ventricle, and how well are they working for you? Any nasty side effects? Do you still get many PVCs?

Do you know how much your blood pressure varies during the day?

On a side note, do you still get migraine headaches? If so, it could be related to your valve and heart problems.

ps: Thanks for your family's military service to our country!