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Re: my daughter is 15 years old could this be mosaic down syndrome?

Julia - We are in the same boat with our daughter, Mary. I suspect she has MDS, based on my research and reading between the lines of what our geneticist has said about an "inconclusive origin of her developmental delays". Mary is 3 and has been through the battery of blooad tests and MRI (except skin test) - all are normal. But she is considerably delayed in speech, fine motor and seemingly cognitive funtioning. She has wide-set eyes, curved pinky fingers, space between her toes and flat back of the head. I wonder if a skin test should be a next step. Our geneticist did not offer it. We have been treating the symptoms (and enjoying our darling daughter) and not focusing too much on diagnosis. But I would like to have another child and that means answers re: our daughter with suspected MDS. We had never even heard of it until yesterday when our wonderful new speech therapist mentioned it. She said our daughter's hands look and feel like those of DS.

What kind of special schooling was best for your daughter at 3? We struggle to find ways to get our daughter focused and trying new things. She is trying to talk, so that's good. But her self-motivation for learning new skills seems pretty low. I had to absolutely force her to start eating with a spoon rather than her hands, and potty training will be another battle. Her younger sister just loves to learn and try new things. I want to find a way yo motivate our little MDS, but it has been tough to find ways. Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated!