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Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)

Hi there Shar12,

Yes, what you have described is emetophobia. The condition falls into two categories 1. Fear of yourself vomiting and 2. Fear of others vomiting.

If you do a search on the internet you will find a large number of sites that describe both types and some of the underlying and associated issues (e.g. anxiety/panic as you've described.).

As an interesting side-note, emetophobia was classed as the 5th most common phobia in the UK in an article I read a couple of years ago. So you aren't alone.

I respectfully disagree with the previous poster that you can't do anything about it or that you "have to live with it". As with anything of this nature ... go and eliminate any underlying medical condition as a cause (i.e. see a doctor) ... and if you get the all clear, then go see a decent therapist who specialises in the condition.

I know three people who had emetophobia and who went and saw hypnotherapists (For both types) with excellent results - i.e. after a few sessions they wre free of the condition.

All the best ...