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Re: Can't Breathe! Help!

What type of doctor have you been seeing? Is he/she a specialist? Have they tested your breathing like with a respiratory therapist to determine your lung/breathing capacity? I know that you just said that you don't have asthma, but I swear, you sound just like the symptoms my son has had for years with asthma. Also, what about all of the other info. you included regarding your diagnosis given by your doctor? Exactly what does that mean? It sounds serious to me. Sorry, but I am new to this forum and I am just curiious about your condition. I think I would speak to your doctor further or get a referral to a respiratory therapist if you have not seen one already. Good luck to you...I can imagine that has to be an awful feeling.
P.S. Could it be the altitude- sorry if that seems like a dumb question. A friend of mines mom had to move from there due to breathing complications due to the altitude.

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