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Re: Strange Rheumy appt.


Did you ask her how it is she could determine that all the tests that were Positive, she feels are "False Positive's"? If you didnt ask, I suggest you DO.
Have you had a muscle biopsy? That would be the next step In "MY" opinion.
I was diagnosed with myositis in April of last year. NONE of my tests were "positive" for PM/DM, or anything for that matter. They DID'NT stop there, and did a deep muscle biopsy and it was THAT that said "active inflammatory myopathy". THAT was the definitive diagnosis.
Is there ANY WAY you can see a DIFFERENT Reumatologist? Are there anyother ones on your insurance plan. IF NOT is there ANY way you can get a "transference of care" through your insurance company? If your OTHER reumatologist was "In NEtwork" with your other insurance, you can request a "transfer" to continue to see him. NOT a guarentee that they will aprove it, but worth a try. Or you can talk to you orignal Reummy and ask him if he would accept your NEW insurance as "In Network".
I'm battling with insurance companies myself right now, and "jumping through THEIR HOOPS" is a game to them I believe! But MAY be WORTH YOUR while?
I wish you the best! Stay strong, and DONT be affraid to stand up for YOURSELF!
Take care, and GOD bless,