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Re: Enlarged Heart

My cardiologist gave me a prescrip for Atenolol for my PVCs, BUT he told me unless I felt like they were so bad I couldn't stand them I didn't have to take the meds. I found that magnesium helps my PVCs, so I have never taken the Atenolol. My valve problem is also a "watch and wait" situation. Other than the PVCs and an occasional run of very fast beats, I have no symptoms. I am 44. Is it correct that your heart is already enlarged and you are 27? Sorry if I misunderstood. My heart has not begun to was my understanding that was one of the reasons for the yearly watch for that kind of progression.

Of course, it is your aortic valve that is affected and it might be a different story with that.....but WHY does he think you would have to have the valve replaced twice? Isn't a mechanical valve expected to last for your life span?

Like beerzoids I would question the way the doctor is handling this.....maybe try a second opinion. I believe if during my echo next year my heart has enlarged my doctor would decide that I could no longer be without SOME meds or go ahead and do my valve replacement.

Please read up more on this.....itsjustme. The AHA suggests there is a "window" for valve replacement to occur, and I would think once your heart begin to enlarge you are either in that window or quickly approaching it.

Good Luck!