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Re: Enlarged Heart

A quick "hello" to my cyber pal, Beerzoids - Your posts have actually helped very much in easing my anxiety about the situation - you have a great deal of knowledge and a good delivery of same! Just wanted to check in - my computer has been down for a few days - so I was unable to do any net stuff! :-( In any event, had the echo on Wed afternoon - my heart rate came down to 114 bpm during it - which was the lowest it ever went the whole 45 minutes we were in there! So, needless to say, I was beyond nervous! When it was completed, the tech said she couldn't tell me anything that my doctor would have to discuss the results with me. She told me he would have the report in a few days - so, I am going to call tomorrow (Monday) to see if he has it and what the results were and also get a copy myself. They said they would send copy to my PCP, also. It's crazy to be so uptight in either direction - I'm scared there could be something wrong and I'm scared not to know if something is wrong! I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggested empowering myself in the knowledge and care of my heart - that is my new mantra to attempt to fully examine, understand and treat any possible issues.
I'm only 2 1/2 months pregnant - so just starting out. I haven't been able to fully comprehend the pregnancy as it was definately unplanned! Daddy is wrapping his head around it and has now moved into the "excited" stage. At my age, I just didn't think I'd be doing this again. My girls are almost all grown (24, 19, 16) and my son is 10. Crazy stuff!
Shoveling horse manure and pushing that wheelbarrow full of wet horse waste is quite a work out! I actually miss doing it! My exercise regimen would be horseback riding and just the general upkeep of the horses if I had my way - however, I don't have horses right now where I live! :-( Although, I'm hanging onto my saddle in hopes of changing that some day soon!
My triglycerides were 83 - the norm range on my blood test report said a range of 45-210- so that is really good, I think?
My cholesterol was 72 (HDL) showing a range on my blood test report of normal between 40-59 - but HDL is "good" cholesterol, right? So, a higher number than the average range is good? My LDL (calculated) was 118 which was a little high - the norm range on the report shows 0-100. So, I don't think that was too bad!

Sorry to get so long - just wanted to say "hi" - update you - and wish you a great weekend!