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Re: Enlarged Heart

Hi itsmebeck,

Sorry I got your name wrong before, there is someone with the name itsjustme! lol.

With the new info you gave me, of course you are doing exactly as you should. I guess that reply was some of my own anxiety seeping I have a constant worry that my doc will allow me to go too long before he does my replacement. Yes, the way I understand my own situation is.....the quality of life must be less than the quality of life expected after surgery.

I also have the concern of the blood thinners for life....just do NOT want to do that...but I have never been on any kind of meds and don't want to face that until there is no other option. The pig valve of course wouldn't require that, but even at my age they say it's too young, as they tend to wear out.

I am sorry if I sounded like you shouldn't trust your doctors judgement. I didn't mean to come off that way, I have always been one to really get involved in my own health care, asking questions and telling them what I am willing and not willing to do. It usually doesn't make for a good doctor-patient relationship. lol

I want to live drug free as long as possible, but I do worry how sick my doctor will let me become before he is willing to replace my valve. I have RHD, and my mitral valve is 1.4cm. Thats pretty narrow, but according to the AHA not narrow enough for surgery. It's scary, and I worry about it quite a bit.

I am losing 0.1cm a yr, AHA doesn't suggest surgery until the valve is 1.0 or less. It looks like I have about 4 years unless something slows down my rate.
Again, I am sorry if I offended. I know how hard it was when I first found out, and I wanted to make sure you werent just listening to one doctor, and not being aware of the dangers.

Good Luck!

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