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Protecting yourself from esophageal cancer.......

I like a many of you on this board take PPI even though they do not seem to help a great deal with my symptoms. I currently use nexium 2x per day as instructed by doctor to protect myself from cancer. First I really do not know if PPIs have been proven to protect us from this and second I don't believe that long term usage of PPIs is ideal for the absorbtion of nutrients. Anyway to make a long story short I started doing a little bit of investigating to see what I else I could do that might at least offer some prevention against the developement of esophageal cancer. I came up with a couple of simple things that have had a number of studies.

First Green Tea appears to be protective for esophageal and stomach cancer. At least we know Green Tea is safe and it has a number of other health benifits so I don't see any harm in drinking 3 or 4 cups a day.

Black Raspberries aslo have been studied and found to be effective. It could be that many other berries are effective so I try to eat a variety of them. These studies used the freeze dried powdered form. Good thing because you don't see these in the store in my area.

If you have any other idea be sure to add them on. Thanks........Red

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