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Re: back-to-back surgeries scheduled -please chime in

Oh my gosh BW! I didn't mean to offend you, it appears I did - please accept my apology.

You are an asset to the board and of course I would hope for me and others that you keep posting. The best thing about boards is to have various opinions and ideas. We (users) don't have to agree on everything and my post was not a personal attack towards you.

What I expressed was an opinion. I actually enjoyed your other post where you described the procedure you had. 18 months ago when you started down your path there weren't as many doctors doing the minimally invasive surgeries because of the equipment needs. However, ACD was not new. ACD has been done for a while and they just found a way to advance the surgery via micro surgeries. Now, almost two years later MI are being done pretty widespread across the country. I am very happy for you and your wonderful outcome.

If we are going to talk about that other post, the only thing that caught my attention was the statement made by you "But after 18 months I continue to come on this board now and again, and it is soooo frustrating to read post after post of people in pain, and people who have had multiple fusions and STILL have trouble." Placed in the middle of everything else you wrote the inference was made (even unintentionally) that with your procedure you are pain free and everyone else that had acdf isn't. So maybe you can understand my general response from the reader prespective.

When Meghan described the issues she has in her earlier multiple threads and that she has severe cord compression with edema/myelomalacia- I was trying to help her focus on that. She has serious problems at many levels in her spine and she was spinning at first. She also has access to excellent doctors and latest procedures in her area and sought multiple opinions. Your thread just happened to post about the same time and she did start to question minimally invasive which is good - but her issues are nothing like yours and that is what I was trying to say to her in a way she could relate to.

I hope we can put this to rest. I understand what you wrote back here and will use this experience in the future. I hope that you do continue to post your progress and that we can enjoy a chat here and there when you do come back. Wishing all of us pain free tomorrow.