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Re: back-to-back surgeries scheduled -please chime in


I was referring to neckpatient's comments regarding my post, my reaction had nothing to do with anything you posted.

Neckpatient, no offense taken, I just wanted to clarify my position.

Again, I never meant to infer that my way was the best or only way to go, or imply that no one finds relief from conventional fusions. As I've tried to always say, I know that there are A LOT of people who swear the standard ACDF is the best thing they ever did.

I just try to pop on here now and again and let people know that there ARE other options out there. This may sound quirky to some, but my own personality is such that even when I buy a tv, I like to know ALL THERE IS TO KNOW about the product and my options, throw the info in the pot and make as educated a decision as I can. When it came to my body and the long term effects of the choice I was about to make, I was even more thorough...

I spoke at length with Dr. Schiffer during my journey, and decided that since they didn't take my insurance he wasn't the right fit for me. At the time I was doing my research, his procedure was also a little different than the other minimally invasive options I had come across. At least for me, he was suggesting actually REMOVING the problem discs altogether and allowing scar tissue to create makeshift discs, and/or allowing the vertabrae to fuse together naturally. I didn't like the idea of removing ANYTHING if I didn't have to.

Continued best wishes


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