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Cervical Spondylosis and Headaches


Does anyone know if certain headaches can be caused by cervical spondylosis (OA) or nerve compression in the cervical spine somewhere?

I've been getting alot of headaches (migraines and other headaches) alot lately. Today in particular, with a weather front coming through, all my joints are kiling me, including my neck. And I have a headache again which is in the lower half of the back of my head and kind of wraps around to the front on both sides. I guess it feels more like a tension headache. Just one or 2 days ago I was fine and today it's all killing me. My eye doctor also said some headaches might be due to problems in the neck. I have had neck pain before and a couple times down my left arm and pins & needles in my left hand. But i've never had my cervical spine checked by imaging (because my low back was so much worse)

So I just wanted to know if anyone with cervical spine issues get any sort of headaches b/c of the spine issues?

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