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Re: Havin 4 level fusion, when can I travel?

I concur with what everyone has posted. My surgeon ended up keeping me longer due to minor complications (I think I was in a total of 6 days) and I really needed that time. Maybe if you get the additional time in the hospital and your daughter times her stay to coincide when your return home, you will really only need her to stay with you those first few days home. She could do your laundry and chores that you need completed around the house. And then if you could have your Doctor have his insurance coordinator work with your insurance to get a homecare aide to come in for a while after your daughter leaves, I think that would help immensely.

Also, the suggestion of prepared dinners that you keep in your freezer is a brilliant one. I think I read that suggestion on this forum a while ago and I did that and it helped SO much. I do have a family (husband who works crazy hours and 3 teenage kids - one that is special needs). So, I prepared meals prior to surgery, that I could just microwave (casseroles, lasagne, etc) post-surgery and it made it so much easier. I just used that prepackaged lettuce and presto - we had a dinner!

The important thing I found was being organized and really prepared for the surgery and ran everything by my Doctor. I think part of the reason they kept me longer in the hospital is they knew the challenges I deal with with my Special needs son - he is so sweet, but very physically and emotionally demanding at times.

I was in the hospital for 6 days and I admit it was challenging riding home in the passenger seat of our car in my hard collar and I only live 45 minutes away from the hospital. It took a lot out of me. So, I really can't even imagine a 7 hour drive and my procedure was 2 levels, not 4.

Well, keep us posted on what you decide! I know there's so much to think about, it's good that you are thinking about all the variables and looking at everything in depth.

You're in my thoughts!

~ Fiona
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