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2 weeks post-bunionectomy

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a quick update and to ask another question of you. I'm now 16 days post-op and what an enormous difference! I finally got to my post-op visit, had my enormous bandages removed and got cleared to walk, drive, and BATHE!! Some of you might have read my previous post where I asked if it's normal to have excruciating pain everywhere besides the big toe once you start heel-walking. As soon as I was able to bear weight and take off the bandages and surgical shoe, the pain started going away. My foot was really swollen and sore where it would rub against the bandages and the velcro. My foot is still ridiculously swollen around the big toe so that I'm wearing athletic slip-on shoes that are a size too big, but it is wonderful to start walking again!
At my post-op visit, my doc said that I was behind the curve in terms of flexibility, and that I needed to start toe exercises immediately. He's given me 3 weeks to get my flexibility back, or he'll send me for PT (which I'm terrified of...I can inflict my own pain, but can't be the victim!!). I've been doing the bending exercises religiously, but it seems like my big toe is too swollen at the moment to push far, even if it didn't hurt. I'm getting it to about 45 degrees (the goal is 90), but there doesn't seem to be room to go beyond that point. Did anyone else have that experience? Will it get easier to push the toe as the swelling continues to decrease?
As always, thanks for your answers and support!

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