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Re: 2 weeks post-bunionectomy

Originally Posted by RunnerMac View Post
You can get back to 90 degrees mobility, I have been able to get that much back. My doctor still wants me to try for more as it will be good to have when I am back running again. We started doing ROM exercises three weeks after surgery pushing the toe back and forth to the point of some discomfort. He started me at 100 and built up 100 a day up to 1000. It was a pain to do every day but now I am happy with the results. I am 6 weeks post surgery today and have just over 90 degrees range and will be in a regular running shoe tomorrow (with an orthotic).

Wow I am surprised! I think it's too late for me to achieve this! I wish I was given clear instructions. I could really do with the 90 degree bend, it would be so helpful for my job (I'm a photographer). I think I will try for 100 a day in five weeks time (Pulling the toe back and forth 100 times?). I started my toe stretching at six weeks- as advised. I feel that I have lost out. What kind of stretching did you do? I really envy you, but of course I am happy for you. I hope you reach your limit!