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Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

Hi, I'm the origional poster. There are no hard answers to some of your questions it is a very individual surgery. I'm a Hairstylist and have many clients also who have had this surgery with 2 month to 6 month recoveries. I worked 3 hours a day after 14 days,I had to contend with swelling as a result of that and the stockings and ice helped a lot but otherwise working full time at 6 weeks. it is now 10 weeks since my surgery and for the most part I walk normally late in the day it gets tender. It gets stiff and actually feels good to bend it. This is a very hard surgery,harder than I anticipated but after about the 4th week I could see it was a good thing, hopefully there will be a class available to your mom with all the info she needs, I was not told about it untill after however even if I had gone I would not have known what to ask! Your able to walk with a walker right away and I stopped using it the second week. I took pain meds for 4 weeks,they don;t want you to drive while on meds. I drove week 2 when the pain med had worn off. Physical therapy was recomended 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I did all of my own 3 times a day and am very flexable can move it in many directions comfortably. the PT feels good,The machine is a good thing you can lay down and let it do the work for you. Make a circle with a rope and practice hooking it on your foot and lifting your leg with it,this way I was able to get myself in the bed and into the machine by the 5-6th day. I found shorts and t-shirts the best things to wear. The support stockings they put on you feel good. I got a potty chair and shower chair at the thrift store and put the potty chair next to my bed only for night that was a big help. start exercizing your muscles now-- squeeze tour thigh and calf muscles flex your foot- leg lifts, I understand bending it may be painfull but you can build up those muscles with out bending your knee,she will be given a book of exercises, make up 4 bags of slush ice..1 1/2 cups water 3/4 cups of rubbing alcohol and in to a 1 gallon zip loc bag-squeeze out air and double in to another bag these are wonderfull and feel good to,I put a dry washcloth next to skin first. After a few days your Mom should be fine by herself,think about taking a magnesium pill daily for a week before the surgery and keep on while on pain med it will make a big difference. Sorry typing is not my forte. Good Luck, Hope it's easy for her....
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