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Unhappy Husband with GBM Brain Cancer

Hello to all....! I am new to this message board or any for that matter. Forgive me if I ramble or mix or misspell any words. Lack of sleep and total exhaustion do funny things to caregivers. If there is anyone out there that can relate to my situation I would love to hear from you. My dear, precious,sweet,wonderful,best friend has GBM Brain Cancer. For those of you who dont know what I am talking about, please educate yourself by going to different Web sites and find out what a MEAN and terminal cancer this is. For those of you, like me and my children who know first hand what I am talking about Please,please,please......! Talk to me...! It is such a lonely place to be....! We just found out 9/10/07 He had the tumor removed, yet they were not able to get it all, "Like scraping peanut butter off of white bread" is what I was told. He has had very good care and we like his Dr.s. The pain and suffering is so hard to endure sometime. He was a highly educated man, now, well now he is not. I miss him soooooooo much...! We have been dealing with sever Edema of the Brain. He now has a blood clot in his leg and started with massive swelling in his legs and feet again for the third time. He does not want to go back into the hospital again. We have had a couple of stays. We have started chemo again as the Temador did not work to shrink the remaining mass and Midline shift of the brain. His tumor was on the Right Temporal Lobe. He is Left Side Neglect. I could go on and on. It has been something new every week. He is fading and wasting any before my eyes. We just take it a day at a time and are so happy to be able to wake up in each others arms in the morning. Thank you all so much for listening....! I would appreciate hearing from someone on this type of cancer. I know there is someone out there who feels the sameway , one way or the other...! Again , Thank you...! JFs Loving wife.

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