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Re: Med question: when you take T3 ( Armour or Cytomel )?

On my last FT3 test I took my Armour 15mg in the morning 3 hours after I gave blood.
My FT3 was 3.2 ( 2.3-4.2 ) I want my doctor to add another 15 mg in the evening, also take 50mcg of Levo
my FT4 level is 1.46 (0.61-1.76)
I wanted to make sure I am not getting too much T3 by adding the 15mg of Armour.
I had new labs done today and I will get my new results on Monday.

I was going to ask him to decrease my Levo to 37.5mcg and approve my 15mg increase in Armour.
I think my FT4 looks pretty good but my FT3 could use a small increase ?
He is pretty open minded and will work with me to get my levels right.
TSH - 0.334

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