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Re: Husband with GBM Brain Cancer

I know how you feel. My dad was diagnosed with GBM brain cancer in dec 2007. They were not able to remove the entire mass and the doctors kept saying it was very aggressive. My dad went through chemo and radiotherapy, it was a rough few months but nothing was harder then seeing him tonight. The whole family came over for dinner and my dad could barley walk. He kept asking my mom what the directions were to get to my house so he wouldn't forget. He sleeps a lot but has no real pain. He finished his treatments about 3 weeks ago and we are going for a MRI next week. I am fearing the worse. I don't know if i could handle the doctor telling me that the treatments did nothing and that the tumor grew. I was skiing with my dad in early November, he was perfectly normal, then boom in a few months he looks like an 90 year old man. I hug him and tell him i love him, i try to be strong in front of him and my family but alone i cry.