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Smile Re: Husband with GBM Brain Cancer

Hello......!!!!! Thank you for your response to my message, and in the same breath I AM SO SORRY...! I know how you feel. It is nice to know we are not alone. Dont you think? I was moved to tears by your story. It is not far from my own. We were fine after treatment with the tumor that is. We have had so many other complications, however. Our 3rd MRI showed the tumor has started growing again. Our Neuro. surgeon said that he would not operate again. Our onocologist has agreed to another type of chemo. He was taking Temodar. What was your Dad on? I now have home health care to help us out. Simply because ,adding insult to injury, we had a bad car wreck and totalled our vehicle. He was not hurt but I was. Not bad, but enough that it set me back on lifting and doing odd jobs. I am better now, but am so glad I got them to come in because he has started with severe edema again. I am so glad your Dad hasn't had alot of pain. We have had our share of it. How is your Mom? My heart goes out to her....! Being a caregiver is tough and rewarding all at the same time. It is so hard to see a loved one suffer so. You can only do so much and you still feel like you havent done enough. It such a MEAN CANCER....! You take care. Hope to hear from you soon. Please Keep me posted. I am a little slow at responding because of the demand. But Please, If you just need to vent or a good cry...! I am here in the same boat with you and your family....! There is something about a good Cry when you are alone...! I find it very cleansing and healing....! Again, Thank You..................................... ...!