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Re: March Moms - Apri: Post Partum month 1

I think I have a bit of anxious ppd. I get these crazy mood swings and other days I just feel blue (probably due to just staying home & feeling so tied down with 2 babies since I worked before). I try to make a point to leave the house at least every other day, even if it's just a quick trip to the grocery store or to visit grandma. It's a pain getting 2 kids (or even 1 for that matter) ready & out of the house but once I'm out the door I feel so much better! When I return home I don't feel as sluggish. It can be hard though...Cody cries if I set him down to do something with my daughter or if I go to make her breakfast/lunch he's crying for me to come get him, lol. I really hope this gets better!!!

Cody cries a lot too usually if I take him somewhere so most of my trips have to be cut short. He saw the Dr. yesterday & was put on Zantac syrup for his acid reflux issue. The Dr. said it won't help with all his spit-up (icky!) but it will help with his pain and fussiness. I'm really hoping this is the solution b/c he's been quite fussy! If not we're going to try a different formula other than the regular milk-based.

Oh, but he smiled at me for the first time yesterday!!! I want to think it wasn't a gas smile b/c he was so alert when he did it and was looking right at me. I was smiling at him & being silly giving him eskimo kisses and when I pulled away he had a grin on his face. CAN they smile this early or was it gas?? Just curious