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Autism So many question and very little answers.

I am the mother of a 3 year old who has autism. i am very overwhelmed as far as who i should be talking to such as doctors and therapist and just overall what to expect and what i can do to help my child. he was in early steps and is now attending Special education elementary in there autism class. he only says a few words mostly mama !! he has been called "mildly autistic" mostly because he does not exhibit a lot of the "typical" autistic features. ican't really say that i noticed a change in his personality just that he was saying alot more words. his personality is the same he is so loving .loves to kiss and hug me and crawl in my lap, sometimes i chase him away b/c he is too affectionate ( maybe b/c he was born on valentines day ! ) he is not aggressive ,but he does get angry if he wants something and you can't figure out what it is. but the tantrum never last longer than a few seconds and then he is on to some thing else. ( his basic problems -says only about 6 words, like to jump, loves the credits at the end of a movie, like the weather channel, doesn't point to what he wants he pushes you to it. does not try to interact with kids unless it is initated but mostly he will play with his 6 yr old brother) he eats anything, sleeps well ( still in my bed ) loves to ride in car / bus never fusses about a change in routine. so im not sure what interventions i should try, like diet and medicine interventions. i'm just lost b/c their is so much information and i really don't know where to start. and one of the big things is that i want to get extra ST for my son and my insurance is no help they don't cover " nervous and mental conditions " specifically autism and any develpomental delays. my husband and i make " too much money " ( that does not take in account of bills, health ins, living expenses and school expenses , debt management and food ) so we don't qualify for any services b/c it gross income that is counted. ssi we make to much and medicaid and the buy in program we make too much, and the services that don't count income the waiver program has a list back to 1995 and cash subsudiy back to 2004. there is no help to build on for your child. i would put the money up for himb/c i don't know what his future will be like ( i hopeful that he will be able to speak and go to college ) but i could also use it for extra therapy for him. i'm going to do what i can but it's sad when you pay 700.oo a month for ins and you can't go see the doctors you need to b/c they dont cover autism. or go broke trying to help your child. there needs to be more reform. whoa, i just neede to vent, but i am loking fore any help i can get i'm willing to try anything to help him talk.

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