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Re: Removal of Spinal Cord Stimulator.

hey ann marie. i also am wc and have fought to get the scs. i finally got approved by wc and i since have chickened out. reading this sight and the people who have gotten it, it seems that it only works for a short while and many said the rsd got worse after. i am affraid to try it. my rsd has not spread at all since i got it in nov og 2005 and i don't want to take any chances. at this point, i am only using the lidoderm patches for pain relief. i have tried stellate gaglion nerve blocks and every medication out there. the meds made we act weird and very sleepy all the time. i am soooo discouraged. my new thought is to learn to deal with the pain. this causes me to become very depressed but, i am out of options for now. anyway, sorry to vent. hope you do good with the removal and best of luck...patti