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Originally Posted by jennyc08318 View Post
On 2-26-08 I had pelvic reconstrction. As soon as I was awake enough to talk I began complaining of leg pain and pins and needles in my left foot. I was told I had a dropped foot d/t nerve damage during the procedure. I am unable to walk. The pain that goes thru my calf is unbearable. I am scared. I am not able to get any strait answers as to how long I will be unable to walk, or how long the pain will stay with me. Can you help
I would find another dr preferably a neurologist. Are you taking any nerve pain medication like neroutin? I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. I have polyneuropothy which is a nerve disorder. I have a lot of nerve pain and numbness. It gets better and worse. But the dr's are still finding a cause.
Find out exactly what damage was done to the nerve and how severe and what can be done to repair it. I'd think about calling a lawyer to.
I'll pray for you. Just don't give up and make them give you answers.