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Re: Autism So many question and very little answers.

Most medical insurance won't pay for Asperger's Syndrome. But it will pay for the effects, such as anxiety, depression, etc, so the doctor has to know to code it with depression or some other symptom as primary, and the autism as secondary. Find the "medical" reason for each thing you need, and have the doctor file it as that, not autism.

My son and I both have Aspergers, and we're both logical people, so when my son was little, and he wouldn't say what he wanted, just point, I'd get down at his level eye-to-eye and explain that mommy was getting frustrated, mommy couldn't read his mind, and if he wanted something he had to say what it was, otherwise he wouldn't get it and we would both get upset. I told him that I would do my best to get him whatever he wanted, but he had to say it. I don't think he understood that MOMMY could get frustrated and mommy wasn't understanding what he was "saying". He was a very well-behaved child who always wanted mommy to be happy, so he would try to comply. My son was definitely more verbal than yours, but this is what worked for me.

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