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Re: Removal of Spinal Cord Stimulator.

Originally Posted by foreverangel143 View Post
Well guys wish me luck my surgery is April 14, Pray I have no pain in my neck and shoulders when this is all done. I will still have my RSD in my hand and wrist, but with pain meds it helps alittle. If anyone has had the SCS removed I would love to hear from you. Thanks
My thoughts and prayers will be with you on April 14th. I shall pray that the doctors be guided and that your surgery goes on with no problems. I shall pray for a qucik recovery for you with less and less pain.

I, too, have RSD of the hand and wrist. In my case, the right hand and wrist. I, too, have had several Stellate Ganglion blocks, all to little or no help.

A renown clinic in Cleveland recommended that I have a scs implant, having tried every single other paths of treatment. Reported complications keep me from proceeding. So here I sit, full of patches, pills and pain. I pray that it gets better for you and everyone else living in this awful condition.

As soon as you are able afterwards, please let us know how you feel after surgery.

Many blessings,